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Priyadharshini Aquarium

Priyadharshini aquarium is a full sales & service custom in aquarium design, installation, maintanence firm. Introducing to our country with new aquarium models of accessories which was not before in the industry.

As we are in this field from past 15 years. We can able to manage all kinds of fishes and fish needs and having aquarium in commercial or residential places which is very risky and tough task as in need maintanence. We regularly give maintanence for cleaning fish tanks and installing the new aquarium tanks with a amazing tank decoration. And we consult for the fishes disease and health of fishes. We have the major clients all over india.

  • “Fish are friends, not food.” ― Finding Nemo.
  • “Aquarium fish make us realize how beautiful silence is”.
  • “A family departed aquarium fish cherishes another family”.
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Company History

Priyadharshini Aquarium is a leading importers and exporters of ornamental fishes, aquarium accessories and pet accessories in india. We are located in kolathur of Chennai city. We specialize in the "CHICHLET"variety of ornamental fish as well as accessories. We gaurentee to trace out and provide you with what you require in terms of ornamental fish service with the first of quality and services. In the competitive business we provide the good quality of products and possible lowest in the price. Priyadharshini Aquarium works closely with clients and fill their requirements. We are the manufacturing our aquarium products in the brand name of "VITA".Our aquarium product VITA is the quality and the cheaper one. Our shop covers an area of more than 3600 square feet with good working environment.

Your children will learn valuable skills through feeding, caring for the fish and maintaining the fish tank. Although maintenance for fish isn’t as time consuming as it is for dogs and cats, it is a good amount of time for children to stay involved and interested. Fish can quickly become a part of your family; some fish will even interact with you and are very playful. There is also the inevitable death of a fish and since death is an unavoidable part of life it is a helpful way to teach your children about death and how to deal with it.

Learning to look after a small animal can teach them how to be responsible, and the importance of caring for everything on our planet, no matter how small.

Aquarium missions have also been broadened nowadays including research, conservation and education. Aquaria are ideal places for research on husbandry, life cycles, reproduction, behavior, autoecology and fish pathology. Collaboration with Universities and Research Centers increases the research potential in scientific disciplines such as ecology, genetics, physiology and biochemistry.

All these missions are feasible because most public aquaria are making a good profit mainly due to their high popularity.